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Religious Studies

Religious Studies exists as a subject to teach students to explore who they are and what they think about life; to listen to and challenge others’ views kindly; and to recognise that the world is made up of a vibrant tapestry of worldviews. RS is the space in the curriculum where fascinating discussions can take place!

All students study RS at Key Stage 3. They have 2 hours per fortnight.

We have a spiral curriculum that develops knowledge and skills year on year, with a stronger emphasis on Christianity and Buddhism (the two world religions we study at GCSE).

In Year 9 they can choose to continue on at GCSE. In Years 10 and 11 they are offered a full-course AQA GCSE in RS.

All Crispin students in Year 10 study ‘core RS’ which is one hour per fortnight. This course broadens their religious knowledge significantly as we examine lesser known worldviews and cultures through the lens of the five elements: for example, the role of water in Hinduism, and air in Zoroastrianism and Rastafari.

Ethos: the curriculum is designed to stimulate curiosity; to challenge; to engage, and to develop a broad grounding in both theological concepts and critical thinking skills.  

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Last Updated: January 2024


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