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Foundation Project Qualification

Foundation Project Qualification - AQA
This is a Level One course. 

This course is offered to students following the yellow pathway during the options process. The course offers a unique opportunity to develop crucial independent learning skills through the process of identifying and completing an individual research project. Students can choose to specialise in an area that really interests them, or in an area that would support their preferred career path. Although the topic of the project has to be agreed by the course supervisor, the breadth of opportunity and the ability to personalise the project to the student's interests is excellent.


fpq journey.pdf

Students will undertake research to complete their project aims, keep a project log and present their findings for the formal assessment.

Alongside completing the project, students will also be supported with life skills such as effective budgeting, how to revise and research correctly and effective time management. Students will undertake mini projects to prepare them for the final assessment which will involve community outreach projects.

Throughout the course there will also be ample opportunity for students to be supported with their skills across the curriculum to ensure their outcomes and confidence levels are as strong as possible.

Last Updated: September 2022

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