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Safeguarding Information

Crispin is committed to ensuring the welfare and safety of all our students and we fully recognise our responsibilities for child protection and safeguarding the young people in our care. Our Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy applies to all staff, Trustees and volunteers working at Crispin. This conforms to guidance and procedures laid down by the Somerset Safeguarding Children Board and takes account of guidance issued by the South West Safeguarding & Child Protection Group.

Safeguarding is about ensuring that everyone is safe from harm - safe from bullying, safe from people who could abuse, safe from discrimination or harassment - and that we all feel safe in our environment.

Sometimes we may need to share information and work in partnership with other agencies when there are concerns about a student's welfare. Where possible, we will ensure that concerns about our students are discussed with their parents/carers first unless we have reason to believe that such a move would be contrary to the student's welfare.

We believe that students have a right to learn in a supportive, caring and safe environment, which includes the right to protection from all types of abuse, where staff are vigilant for signs of any student in distress and are confident about applying the processes to avert and alleviate any such problems. Our Child Protection Policy and procedures are in place to ensure the safety and well-being of the students in our care. All staff (including supply staff, volunteers, and Trustees) ensure that they are aware of these procedures.

There are five main elements to our policy:

  • Ensuring we practice safe recruitment in checking the suitability of staff and volunteers to work with children (in line with ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education’ (DfE) 2021)
  • Raising awareness of child protection issues and equipping children with the skills needed to keep them safe
  • Developing and then implementing procedures for identifying and reporting cases, or suspected cases, of abuse
  • Supporting students who have been abused in accordance with his/her agreed Child Protection Plan
  • Establishing a safe environment in which children and young people can learn and develop


The Designated Safeguarding Lead is Mr Cornwall,  Deputy Headteacher. The Designated Deputy Child Protection Officers are Ms L. Charles and Mrs D. Drew. In addition, we have a team of trained Safeguarding & Child Protection Officers. They are:

  • Mr M. Bowker
  • Ms. R. Bennett (Designated Child Protection Governor)
  • Mr O. Horner
  • Mr L. Cornwall
  • Mr P. Reddick (Headteacher)
  • Mrs A. Rice
  • Mrs J. Scott
  • Mrs J. Tonkins

Training and Education

Crispin staff undergo a regular and continuing programme of training to ensure that they are up to date with the latest issues with regards to safeguarding and child protection. In recent months this has included basic awareness training recognising the signs of abuse and awareness training on Female Genital Mutilation, radicalisation and child sexual exploitation.

Safeguarding issues are also integrated into our curriculum so that students are empowered to both keep themselves safe and also identify possible concerns about their friends and know who to pass these concerns on to. These issues are discussed in Assemblies as well as in a wide variety of lessons, including Curriculum for Life, Tutor Time and IT lessons. A constant stream of safeguarding information available for both parents and students is being developed through the keepsafe@rgs blog.

Safeguarding Concerns

If you need advice and support in relation to a safeguarding issue, please find the relevant information on our Help and Support page here.

If you wish to log a concern about a child, please fill out this form and immediately pass it to the Designated Safeguarding Officer.

Should students have any concerns they wish to report, they can email the safeguarding team on


CEOP helps any child or young person under the age of 18 who is being pressured, forced or tricked into taking part in sexual activity of any kind. This can be something that has taken place either online or in ‘the real world’, or both. The CEOP Safety Centre has clear information and advice on what can be reported to CEOP, the reporting process and what will happen if you do decide to make a report. You can visit the CEOP Safety Centre and make a report directly to CEOP by clicking the Click CEOP button.

If you are experiencing online bullying or something else online has worried you please speak to an adult you trust, or you can talk to Childline at any time on 0800 1111 or at

Safeguarding During Covid-19

Crispin Safeguarding Team

If you are concerned about the safety or welfare of a child or young person during closure, you can report any information to us using the email address Our dedicated Safeguarding Team will continue to monitor this during the period of closure and will be operational during normal working hours from 08.35 - 15.00 daily.   

Somerset Safeguarding Children’s Board

If you feel that a child or young person is at urgent risk of harm please contact: 

Early Help Advice Hub on 01823 355803
Children's Social Care on 0300 123 2224 or email

 If the offices are closed, the Emergency Duty Number is 0300 123 2327

Police: 101 or in an emergency 999

NHS: 111

Additional information and further readingInformation about accessing universal credit/Employment and Support allowanceFurther information on financial help and rightsHelp and support of a foodbank Or telephone 07980 458 600

The SamaritansOr call 116123 for free 

Supporting Your Child’s Mental Health 

We are aware that this is a very challenging time for families and for our young people in particular. As we know, mental health is just as important as physical health. Support can be found on our support page by clicking the button below.

Help and Support

eSafety (Staying safe online)

The Department for Education have updated their information for parents and carers to include a section on keeping children and young people safe online, including links to helpful online resources. Full details can be found in section 6.3 of the guidance for parents and carers on the closure of educational settings and by following this link: 

Closure of Educational Settings Information

There is a lot of support available to keep your child safe online also on our 'Help and Support' page.

Instagram - Parent Factsheet

YouTube - Parent Factsheet

TikTok - Parent Factsheet

Snapchat - Parent Factsheet

Online Resources

Internet SafetyOnline Safety Resource Centre

Tellmi App

Lockdown procedures

Along with many other schools, we have been reviewing the safety of students and staff, particularly relating to the threat of violent intruders coming onto the school site. In response to this, Crispin have drafted a document which sets out the procedures to be followed in such an event. Training for staff and students will be key to managing this process. The following information sets out an action plan for training and information giving. This will be launched in September.

The following actions will be taken and documented in order to provide further advice and guidance on the lockdown procedures, actions to be taken to stay safe, and what to do if members of the armed police response unit are called to school:

  • Staff informed about lockdown policy.
  • Staff receive copy of the map of the school - with access points and alternative exits from the school highlighted.
  • Staff training on the Run, Hide, and Tell practice (Appendix A).
  • Click here to access the National Counter Terrorism Security Office.
  • Students informed about lockdown procedure.
  • Information to parents via the school website and social media that we have a lock down procedure.
  • Conduct a number of table top exercises with the Senior Leadership Team to test the procedures against a variety of scenarios.

Last Updated: November 2023

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